1. What is unique about Asian Menu™ Sauces?​

Asian Menu™ products are unique for in many ways.

  • 100% authentic restaurant style sauces.  
  • Finest ingredients used. Brewed soy sauce, fresh garlic, ginger and onion, sesame oil and spice blends. Absolutely no MSG and artificial flavors added.
  • Versatile sauces. Ideal for stir frying, grilling, marinating, glazing, and dipping your favorite foods.
  • Easy to use. There is no need to cut, chop, add or mix additional ingredients. All the ingredients you need are in our sauces. Just pour it on.
  • Minimal cooking time. Serve delicious meals in less than 5 minutes.
  • No Asian cooking experience needed to serve food with authentic Asian flavors.
  • Kosher certified Orthodox Union.  

2. What flavors do Asian Menu™ Sauces come in?

Asian Menu™ Sauces are available in the following flavors:

3. What is the best way to use Asian Menu™ Sauces?

Asian Menu™ Sauces are extremely versatile and can be used in any of your favorite dishes! They are ideal for stir frying, grilling, marinating, glazing, and dipping your favorite foods.

4. Do Asian Menu™ Sauces come with recipes?

Yes, recipes are provided on this website and back of each bottle. The recipes range from traditional Chinese recipes to contemporary Asian fusion recipes.

5. What sizes do Asian Menu™ Sauces come in? 

Asian Menu™ sauces are available in 12 oz bottles.  For Food Service, they are available in ½ gallon and 1 gallon.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss other bulk size requirements.  

6. What is the shelf life of Asian Menu™ Sauces?

The shelf life of an unopened bottle is 18 months from the date of manufacturing. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and is best used within 6 months.

7. Do Asian Menu™ Sauces require refrigeration? 

Yes, they require refrigeration once the bottles have been opened.

8. Are Asian Menu™ Sauces Kosher?

Yes, Asian Menu™ Sauces are Kosher certified through the Orthodox Union.  

9. Do Asian Menu™ Sauces have MSG or any artificial flavoring? 

No, they do not contain MSG or any artificial flavoring.  

10. Are Asian Menu™ Sauces vegan?

Yes, they are all vegan.

11. Are Asian Menu™ Sauces gluten free?

Gluten free options are available in Sweet & Sour Sauce (12 oz bottle, 1 gallon container), General Tso’s Sauce (1 gallon container) and Orange Ginger Sauce (1 gallon container).

12. Where are Asian Menu™ Sauces manufactured?

They are produced in the U.S.A.

13. Is there a minimum order for Asian Menu™ Sauces?

There is no minimum order for Asian Menu™ sauces on the internet.  However, free shipping is available on orders over $30.00

14. What is the cost of shipping?

Our shipping charge is $10.00 for orders $30.00 or less.  Free shipping is available on orders over $30.00.

15. If I placed my order today, when will I receive it?

We offer standard delivery via USPS, UPS or Federal Express to ship your products. With standard delivery, your order will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days depending on your location. Please contact us if you require expedited shipping.

16. What is your satisfaction guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your Asian Menu™ purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, send an email to info@asianmenusauces.com with your order number and let us know. We will address your concerns immediately upon receipt of your email.